vendredi 6 juillet 2012

Boutique Buyers - Entrepreneur's Homepage

To success within the fashion industry & where you can obtain your fashion buyer database, fashion editor database plus much more.

With 27 years experience in the fashion industry, below I share the inside knowledge & contacts to my continued success. has been created by Renato Grant, an industry specialist with 27 years experience within the fashion business. It is for emerging fashion & accessory designers, all creative individuals, brands, labels, students & graduates. It is for those who want true success & understanding within the real fashion business. With the knowledge, understanding and contacts below, you will be able to translate your creative flair into commercial success.

Take 5 minutes to browse this page and your knowledge of the fashion industry will increase dramatically.

To satisfy the requests, I have simplified my Boutique Buyers Entrepreneurs homepage and reduced the amount of information shown, which was becoming too much to digest all at once. The important parts remain as you will see below.

The site, blueprint digital download e-book and paperback book all provide vital resources which hugely assist emerging men's, women's & accessory fashion designers, fashion students & graduates, creative individuals, brands and labels with the area's that are least studied or focused upon, yet are imperative for success in the real fashion industry.

These area's include showroom sales, agent sales, distributorship deals, PR, exhibitions, e-commerce and fashion buyer importance. I can tell you this, without sales, any promotional work you do, any runway shows, exhibitions, fashion shoots and sample collections you produce will all be wasted if no sales orders are placed for your merchandise. Even your stunning website will be wasted if traffic is not driven to it, therefore it is vital to focus on this area with the same dedication and enthusiasm as developing the collection and I am going to show you how. This is all about what to do, what not to do (very important) and also to provide you with everything you must know and be pretty savvy about, in order for success. The real question is 'how do you go about securing orders from fashion buyers?', read on!

Simply put, if you want to save an enormous amount of time and money whilst at the same time developing real success in the fashion industry, then you are at the right place and at the right time.

Furthermore, I am going to give you a complete, full contact detail, men's, women's and accessory buyer database and fashion editor database. You are going to see what a professionally written press release looks like and much much more. Why produce collections and samples that nobody orders? All that happens with those collections is that they are cleared at sample sales, a complete waste of time and money. I am going to show you how it is done by professionals, just follow our footsteps.

I have worked in the fashion industry for 27 years and still am, supplying both bluechip multiples and premier independent retailers and e-tailers. Everything contained in my e-book stems from many many years of first hand experience and I have tried to leave nothing out.

My E-book is not about me or my life in the business. It is a detailed blueprint with both explanations and examples. It comes complete with a comprehensive men's and womenswear buyer and press contact directory containing over 1050 full detail contacts and outlines what we do as professionals in order to attract orders, which are the lifeblood of the business.

The business is not difficult to understand, however without precise knowledge you will be at great risk of losing a lot of money, for example, if you do not have certified & legalised terms and conditions on the reverse of order sheets you will be asking for trouble. Also if you don't know your DDP from your CIF or FOB (shipping terms) you could even end up selling merchandise at a loss which would be a cardinal sin!

If your masterplan involves supplying the bluechip multiples as I do, Topshop, Topman, Miss S, Next, River Island etc, then do not even consider this if the factories who produce your merchandise are not fully SEDEX or SGS audited at the very least. The bluechips and their in-house...